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What About Military Service?

  Are you thinking about joining the military or do you know someone who is?  Here are many thought provoking things to consider.


Did you know the No Child Left Behind Law requires high schools to turn over private information to military recruiters? MORE

Weekly Janesville Wisconsin Peace Vigil

Information about the peace vigil held each Tuesday outside Paul Ryan's constituent office in Janesville

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Who Are the Palestinian and Israeli Peacemakers? 

By Kathy Holcombe  

September 29 Basics Co-op

1711 Lodge Dr., Janesville 6:30 p.m. 

Kathy Holcombe would like to share her experience in Israel and Palestine with you and introduce you to some of the leaders and organizations in the West Bank and Israel who are seeking a nonviolent path to peace. In November of 2013, Kathy made a pilgrimage to Israel/Palestine with the group Pilgrims of Ibillin. This is a story of new friends Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Druze who live with hope and work for peace despite great challenges. Kathy is a member of the Rock Valley Fellowship of Reconciliation.  


Click HERE to see a collection of pictures from our very successful Gaza education event - we will do this vigil every third Friday beginning at 4:00 PM until further notice.

War is Not the Answer Essay contest Winner

Each year, the Rock Valley Fellowship of Reconciliation awards a $600 scholarship to a graduating Senior in Janesville for the best essay on the subject:  War is not the Answer. Alexis Roach from Craig High School submitted the winning essay this year.

Click HERE to read the essay.

Peace Vigils

Every Tuesday at 4 PM in front of Paul Ryan's Constituent office at 20 S Main Street, Janesville and every third Friday of each month at 4 PM on Milton Avenue at the post office in Janesville, we vigil for peace.  For more information click on Events Calendar on the left.

Rock Valley-FOR is a spiritually-based peace group whose vision came out of the Beloit Friends Meeting.  Our goal is to offer programs each year with speakers from all over the world who are voices for peace.  The Rock-Valley-FOR is an official affiliate organization of the Fellowship of Reconciliation-USA.  Website:

The Fellowship of Reconciliation-USA seeks to replace violence, war, racism and economic injustice with nonviolence, peace and justice.  We are an interfaith organization committed to active nonviolence as a transforming way of life and as a means of radical change. 

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